Action Schools! BC

Action Schools! BC, is a best practices model designed to assist schools in creating individualized action plans to promote healthy living. Action Schools! BC is a positive response to the current crisis in children’s health. The initiative provides more opportunities for more children to be more physically active more often, equipping them with the necessary skills and positive experiences to build a foundation for life-long healthy living. Action Schools! BC has offered its Regional Trainers the ability to communicate and share with one another via SportWeb’s online Community of Practice (Virtual Office).


  Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association of BC (ASRA), is the recognized multi-sport umbrella organization providing leadership, guidance and support to the Aboriginal people of British Columbia through opportunities in sport, physical activities and recreation.
Our goal is to strengthen and encourage the physical, mental, cultural, emotional and spiritual aspects of community and individual life, by creating opportunities for success at every level. We support the incredible effort of Aboriginal athletes to compete, endure and excel by:
  • recognizing and encouraging the pursuit of excellence and achievement in sport that cultivates a healthy, addiction-free, active lifestyle
  • advocating for access and equal opportunity in sport, physical activities and recreation
  • offering opportunities for personal and professional leadership development for the delivery of sport, physical activities and recreation programs


Athletes CAN, the association of Canada’s national team athletes, works to ensure a fair, responsive and supportive sport system for athletes in Canada. AthletesCAN is the only fully independent and inclusive athlete organization in the country and the first organization of its kind in the world. SportWeb’s easy-to-use tools allow AthletesCAN staff to effectively and efficiently manage and update the organization’s web site.


BC Athlete Voice

BC Athlete Voice is an exciting new Athlete-driven entity within British Columbia’s sport system. BC Athlete Voice was established in 2005 to provide High Performance Athletes in British Columbia with a collective voice for their needs at the provincial sport decision making & leadership tables. As an association of High Performance Athletes BC Athlete Voice provides educational programs, advocacy services and supports Athlete empowerment through strategic partnerships. 

The vision of BC Athlete Voice is to ensure High Performance Athletes are effectively represented and supported by the BC sport system. Through the use of SportWeb Manager and the Virtual Office communication with our constituency will be easier and more effective.

BC Lacrosse Association

BC Lacrosse Association. Canada’s National Summer Sport, Lacrosse, services over 16,000 registered athletes and approximately 5,000 volunteers across the Province of BC. SportWeb tools, including our Virtual Office, provides our volunteer members with opportunities to engage in information-sharing and on-line discussions, further supporting our volunteer leadership capacity.

BC Sailing

BC Speed Skating

BC Speed Skating Association: With its 23 member clubs geographically dispersed throughout the province, the BC Speed Skating Association utilizes SportWeb Manager, Trainer and Communicator to deliver its services more efficiently and cost-effectively.

BC Wrestling Association

The BC Wrestling Association became incorporated as a registered non-profit society in 1979. We are the provincial sport governing body for amateur wrestling in British Columbia. The mission of the BC Wrestling Association is to provide and promote opportunities for participation, challenge and proficiency in amateur wrestling. Amateur wrestling offers a tremendous number of benefits to those who participate, including fun, fitness, healthy living, and an opportunity to achieve excellence. It is a sport that is accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, size or ability. Wrestling develops physical parameters such as endurance, coordination, strength, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility. Psychological advantages nurtured include discipline, self-confidence, goal-setting, achievement and camaraderie. Wrestling instills good sportsmanship, as each match begins and ends with a handshake. In 2005 BC Wrestling adopted SportWeb Manager to launch and maintain our new and improved website.


The Coaches Association of BC, is the voice for all coaches in 66 sports, province wide, and manages the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for the province. By improving the quality of coaching through coaches’ professional development, certification and ongoing education, the CABC fosters a positive and meaningful experience for athletes at all levels. Established in 1992, the Association forges and maintains strong partnerships and relationships with organizations and individuals that benefit coaching in BC.” CABC utilizes the Virtual Office tools to improve communication with our network of coaches throughout BC.font>


Canada Games Council

Canada Games Council: The CGC launched a new website in 2004 using SportWeb Manager. The Canada Games Council keeps all historical information about the Games on the website, and updates it regularly with news pieces. The Canada Games are the largest multi-sport competition in Canada. Held every two years in alternance between summer and winter, the Canada Games are a key step in the development of Canada’s next generation national, international and Olympic champions. 


Curl BC

Curl BC: As one of the oldest and most successful Provincial Sport Organizations in BC, Curl BC has over 25,000 members ranging from recreational "weekenders" to 2010 Olympic hopefuls. SportWeb tools including Manager & Trainer provide the membership with access to a plethora of online resources and the ability to communicate more effectively than ever before.

Horse Council of BC

Horse Council of BC: is a membership driven, non-profit association representing the interests of over 20,000 members. Tradition, strong values and superior membership service has made HCBC the largest and most successful multi-breed, multi-discipline equine association in Canada. The opportunity to create a staff-driven website which utilizes communication tools, resource library, polls and on-line registration through SportWeb has been a great asset for our members and organization.


Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion

Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion: The Provincial Sport Organization Funding Program application is available in an on-line format prepared and hosted by Sportweb Canada. This site provides eligible PSO applicants with an efficient, electronic mode of submitting annual funding applications. As most members of PSO Boards are spread throughout the province, an on-line application allows for multiple contributions of information without the added expense of travel.

Ontario Track and Field Association

The Mission of the Ontario Track and Field Association is to promote, enhance, support and facilitate the orderly development of the sport of Track and Field Athletics in Ontario. As a sport it should be athlete / participant centred and accessible to all. It should also contribute to the health, fitness, social development and well being of all participants. The OTFA ha enhanced it’s online presence with the help of SportWeb, and our plans for SportWeb services include online Board Meetings and Community of Practice coaching.

proMOTION Plus

proMOTION plus is the British Columbia organization for girls and women in phsycial activity and sport. It was established as a non-profit society in 1990 and was unique in Canada at the time. proMOTION plus is still only one of two provincial organizations in Canada dedicated to increasing opportunities for girls and women in the sport and recreation delivery system. SportWeb Manager is currently being utilized by proMOTION Plus and allows there office staff to manage their web presence. 


ROWONTARIO aims to foster excellence, participation, interaction and capacity among Ontario’s 50 rowing clubs and 6,800 rowers. ROWONTARIO’s website, administered easily through Sportweb Manager, is key to the delivery of programs and services for athletes, coaches, umpires and club volunteers province wide.

Sport BC

Sport BC: is non-profit society founded in 1966. The members include over 80 provincial sport and sport-related organizations, representing over 840,000 British Columbians as athletes, coaches, officials, sport management volunteers and staff. As the federation for amateur sport organizations, Sport BC provides leadership, direction and support to foster the growth and development of amateur sport in British Columbia. 

Sport Matters Group


Sport Matters Group: The SMG is a voluntary group of individuals who have come together to talk about the important contribution that sport makes to society, and to collaborate on various sport policy issues on an ad hoc basis. The Group has actively worked together on the Canadian Sport Policy, the new Sport and Physical Activity Act, and on increasing the resources available for sport in Canada. SportWeb Manager powers the website, Virtual Office allows for a wide range of Communities of Practice and Communicator helps faciltiate National online meetings.


Sport North

Sport North was incorporated in October 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of amateur sport in the Northwest Territories. It consists of 27 Territorial Sport Organizations and 3 partner organizations. It has the responsibility for providing programs and services for organized sport in the Territories. Sport North launched its new website in February 2005 and its staff uses SportWeb Manager to update and maintain the site.


Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Tourism Region, a Destination Management Organization, is responsible for marketing the southwest mainland of Super, Natural British Columbia to the world. Vancouver, Coast & Mountains includes four destination areas: Greater Vancouver, Sea to Sky Country (including Whistler Resort), Mighty Fraser Country (including the Fraser Canyon) and the Sunshine Coast. We're a non-profit society, governed by a private sector board of directors who represent business and community tourism interests from throughout the region. Using Virtual Office we have created a number of advisory groups that allow us to "Connect" with our stakeholders to invite them to provide advice and guidance as we create marketing initiatives to promote the region.
"Virtual Office & Communicator" have saved us time and money, enabling us to meet instantaneously with our stakeholders, to gain their insight and input without arranging a face-to-face meeting - a new concept that has proven itself to work wonderfully.


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