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A major component of SPORTWEB™ is to build capacity and help Canadian not-for-profit sport organizations create and market their own online training and educational resources. SPORTWEB™ recognizes that Building Capacity is one of the four pillars of the Canadian Sport Policy and that SPORTWEB™ is therefore in a position to lever the capacity building with the existing group of not for profit sport organizations involved with the project.

If Canada is to be a leader in using the Internet to promote sport education, we need to develop a critical mass of coaches, content experts and educators who are proficient at creating engaging, online courses and other educational resources. To that end, SPORTWEB™ will provide extensive training and support to content developers, coaches and teachers on how to create engaging sport-related learning resources and lessons. This will be done using a combination online, self-directed multimedia lessons and personal mentoring using telephone, instant messaging and online collaboration.

The links on the left permit access to some of the SPORTWEB™ projects that have already been developed.



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