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Virtual Office provides a means for organizations to engage their members, employees, and/or customers in public or private online “Topic Areas” or communities. Communities are made up of distributed groups of people who share a concern, set of problems, mandate or sense of purpose.

Each Community Topic area allows members to:

  • Create a new Overview Page for each Topic Area using basic word processing skills;
  • Exchange and track messages in “threaded discussions” which are linked to the users’ regular email and kept in the Topic Area’s message area for easy retrieval.
  • Upload and share documents, meeting agendas and minutes, web links, and even online courses. These are kept in the Topic Area’s central library and accessible to all of the members of that team.
  • Share user profiles and contact information with other participants in the Topic Area
  • Schedule and invite guests to attend live, online web conferences (please see the description of Communicator below).

Virtual Office offers four levels of secure access to topics:

1.  Level One topics are available to all visitors to the website and can be used to engage the general membership in discussion;

2. Level Two topics are available to all users who are approved members of any Level Three or higher topic;

3. Level Three topics are open to users who have applied and been approved to become members of the topic; and

4. Level Four topics are completely secure and private and are participated in by invitation only.

Virtual Office is an excellent communication and productivity tool for organizations and companies with distributed membership or workforces.


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