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The web-based member administration service offered by will allow your organization to perform member-related administrative tasks over the Internet. The key feature of this service is that it is integrated with your online membership renewals: every time a user renews his/her membership, the data is immediately transferred to your online member database.


  • Easy access to the membership data anytime, from anywhere! Because the system is web-based, it is easy to access the membership information.
  • Reduced administrative costs: eliminate costs for data entry, high maintenance fees of obsolete systems or expensive upgrades. Karelo always offers an affordable solution.
  • Reduced workload and errors in data entry: Karelo does the work for you! The system will automatically transfer membership renewals into your online member database, thus eliminating the need to manually enter such records, and significantly reducing errors in data entry.
  • The members update their own contact information. Change in residence or new email address? Users just need to log-on to to update their Profile. 
  • Improved member service. Because the member information is easy to access, you will be able to offer an improved customer service to your members.
  • Customized reporting: reports tailored to your organization’s needs will be available.
  • You will know who your members are thanks to our built-in membership statistics.


  • The membership file separate is from online registrations, but every time someone renews their membership online, your membership database is updated. New members are appended to the database, and the information of ‘returning’ members is updated.

    Integration with online registrations system:

      • Membership records are automatically updated (appended for new members).
      • The online registration of a member can be accessed.
      • Address and contact information of a member is updated if he/she updates his/her account

  • The membership file has standard address and contact fields, plus custom fields pre-defined by the association, e.g. licence #, category, etc.
  • The membership records are fully editable by the administrator.
  • Custom reports are available, e.g. address and email lists, inactive records, current members, etc.
  • The custom lists are downloadable in Excel format.
  • It is possible to upload membership records from a text file with data verification, e.g. membership records provided by a club. The upload of new records is done by the administrator after the club supplies the data in a predefined format.
  • The built-in membership statistics are available 24/7, e.g. ratio male/female, club affiliation, etc.
  • The search functionality enables the administrator to easily look up a member’s membership information.


Login to the admin area on the left side of the homepage using the following information:

Admin Login: myorganization
Password: demo


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