What you need to know

  • Runs the provincial team
  • Operates provincial competitions
  • Fields a team to Canada Games (which may or may not be the Provincial Team)
  • In some provinces, issues Provincial Athlete Assistance Program funds to selected athletes

Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) are autonomous, not-for-profit societies responsible for the regulation of all areas and levels of their sportís participation within the province and for the governance of the province-wide development of the sport. A PSO is the provincial voice on behalf of its members: clubs, affiliated recreation and education members, athletes in some cases, provincial team athletes.

This organization is usually the link between clubs (or other local sport organizations) and the National Sport Organization (NSO) and ensures the safe development of the sport within the province. The PSO will have a listing of all clubs or associations in the province in their sport.

What the PSO does:

  • Regulates all areas of the sport within the province
  • Acts as a liaison with the National Sport Organization
  • Provides professional development opportunities for coaches and officials, including NCCP courses (usually up to Technical Level III)
  • Provides resources for clubs and members
  • Sanctions competitions and/tournaments within the province (usually in partnership with the NSO)
  • Hosts clinics and courses for its members
  • Provides insurance coverage to full members of the organization ( this may be done through the NSO but facilitated through the PSO)
  • May offer a benefits package for its member coaches
  • Selects and manages any provincial team activities, including coaching.

In BC (and some other provinces), the PSO administers the provincial level Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) and issues cheques to the recipients of these AAP funds.

A PSO may also be responsible for administering any specific sport specific grants or scholarships.

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