Multi Sport Organization (MSO)

What you need to know

as a top ranked National Team athlete, the IOC:

  • Sanctions and manages the Olympic and Olympic Winter Games
  • Works with International Federations to set eligibility criteria

as anyone else interested in the Olympic Movement, the IOC:

  • Promotes the values and education of the Olympic Movement
  • Helps develop sport in “have not” countries
  • Upholds and promotes the three pillars of the Olympic Movement: Sport, Culture and the Environment

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization and “manager” of the Olympic Movement. The IOC serves as an umbrella organization of the Olympic Movement and owns all rights to the Olympic symbols (such as the rings), flag, motto, anthem and Olympic Games. The primary responsibility of the IOC is to supervise the organization of the Olympic and Olympic Winter Games.

The IOC ensures that surrounding each Olympic Games are cultural and educational programs promoting the ideals of the Olympic Movement. This movement is continuously involved in humanitarian aid efforts, environmental efforts as well as the world-wide goal of elevating the status of women in sport.

What the IOC does

  • Oversees the Olympic and Olympic Winter Games, as well as many other duties.
  • Supervises the bidding for and awarding of Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games
  • Negotiates broadcast rights for the Olympic and Olympic Winter Games
  • Communicates with International Sport Federations
  • Operates and maintains the Olympic Museum (Lausanne, Switzerland) that houses three forms of human expression – art, sport and culture – and chronicles the history of the Olympic Movement
  • Operates the Olympic Studies Centre within the Olympic Museum, in order to preserve and disseminate the collective memory of the Olympic Movement and to coordinate and promote research, teaching and publications about Olympism.
  • Spreads the Olympic Movement; to promote top-level sport as well as sport for all in accordance with the Olympic Charter. The IOC ensures the regular celebration of the Olympic Games and strongly encourages, by appropriate means, the promotion of women in sport, that of sports ethics and the protection of athletes.

IOC members are individuals who represent the IOC within their respective countries.

The IOC manages several programs and committees that address specific Olympic issues. Detailed information on each of the programs and commissions is given on the IOCs website (search under commissions) but commissions cover such areas as:

  • Athletes
  • Culture and Olympic Education
  • Coordination for the Olympic Games
  • Ethics
  • Medical
  • Olympic Programme
  • Sport for All

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