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What you need to know

The CGC:

  • Is responsible for Canada’s team at Commonwealth Games
  • Bids to host the Commonwealth Games in Canada
  • Supports the hosting of any Commonwealth Games within Canada
  • Furthers international development through sport
  • Offers a volunteer internship program to aid international development

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is Canada’s representative in the Commonwealth Games Federation and one of 72 national members throughout the world. The CGC strengthens sport within Canada and throughout the Commonwealth by participation in the Commonwealth Games and by using sport as a developmental tool.  The organization values caring, justice and development and embraces the responsibility of sport to teach moral values through competitive excellence and social development.

Commonwealth Games Canada is responsible for fielding Canada’s team at Commonwealth Games (every four years), bidding to host Commonwealth Games in Canada and is involved in international sport development. CGC believes that one can be involved in sport for a lifetime and offers opportunities to do so (as an athlete, mission staff, volunteer, committee member or board member).

What they do

  • Field and manage Canada’s Commonwealth Games team
  • Bid to host, then support if successful, Commonwealth Games within Canada
  • Further international sport development through various initiatives and offer an in-country internship
  • Commonwealth Sport Leadership Corps (CSLC)
    • Volunteer internship program up to eight months in duration
    • In-country internships in Africa (both English and French speaking countries) and the Caribbean
    •  anyone eligible can apply without cost to the individual in keeping with the CGC principles of fairness to all persons
    • All expenses related to security screening, pre-departure orientation and re-entry debriefings in Ottawa, insurance, international travel, medical (up to $350.00) and living expenses (within a specified budget) in the host country are absorbed.

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