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For years, the information that athletes need has existed – they just haven’t been known how to find it. Some of this information has now been consolidated in this Athlete’s Handbook, a project for 2010 LegaciesNow, to ensure that athletes have easy access to the information and resources they’ll need throughout their careers. There are three main areas that were looked at in this Handbook: Sport Organizations, Money available for athletes (funding and scholarships), and life after a competitive career in sport, including employment opportunities and realities.

The Athlete’s Handbook has been compiled to be an athlete’s resource; to complement the efforts of the many people and organizations who are dedicated to sport and helping athletes in Canada. By being able to direct athletes to the correct organization, helping them find ways to finance their competitive careers and giving them factual expectations of careers in and out of the sport community, we believe the effectiveness of those people committed to sport will be increased and athletes will become better educated on the system.

Every attempt has been made to include current and relevant information for athletes but the nature of the Canadian sport system is dynamic and there may be organizations, programs or funding sources that have been overlooked, added or unintentionally excluded. Where possible, contact information has been provided to ensure that accurate information may be obtained. 

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