2010 LegaciesNow Society
2010 Legacies Now is a not-for-profit society that works in partnership with community organizations, non-government organizations (NGOs), the private sector and all levels of government to develop sustainable legacies in sport & recreation, arts, literacy, and volunteerism.  2010 Legacies Now actively assists communities discover and create unique and inclusive social and economic opportunities leading up to, during and beyond the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Pacific Sport Group: Powering Sport Performance
PacificSport consists of two Canadian Sport Centres (Victoria and Vancouver) and eight Regional Sport Centres (Fraser Valley, Interior BC, Okanagan, Northern BC, Sea to Sky, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Victoria).  PacificSport fosters a dynamic environment for sport performance at all levels via Three Waves of Excellence - strategic investment in identified sports, a world-class training environment, and quality athlete and coach services – working in partnership with regional, provincial and national sport organizations. 

Sport Medicine Council of BC
The Sport Medicine Council of BC (SportMedBC) is a not-for-profit society that is the focal point for sport medicine and science within British Columbia. Our clients include sport and fitness enthusiasts as well as high performance and provincial level athletes. We provide everything from medical and nutritional support to InTraining walk/run programs and injury prevention strategies.

SportMedBC offers a variety of programs and services. We play a vital role connecting British Columbians with our community of internationally celebrated sport medicine practitioners. The acclaimed group includes physicians, psychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists and strength and conditioning specialists. SportMedBC clients are guaranteed our ongoing support and guidance while they access the most complete range of educational and health care services available.

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